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Therapie voor sterkgevoelige mensen

en voor mensen op weg naar verbinding met hun gevoel


Hello, welcome to my therapy page for Strongsensitive people. Many people who are Strongsensitive are not aware of this fact and struggle with stress and tension. When they visit a therapist for help, they feel invisible, ignored or not accepted to the depth they need. In a worst case scenario they feel they are taking care of the therapist in stead of the other way around.

It is my goal to reach as many Strongsensitive people as possible – thus the reason for writing in English.

Strongsensitivity is not the same as Highsensitivity or HSP. Therefore Strongsensitivity can be defined als follows:

  • Between Feeling, Doing and Thinking, Feeling is the stronger
  • If you enter a room filled with people you immediately notice wether the atmosphere is positive or negative
  • On a regular basis, do you notice people who’s body language is different from what they are actually saying?
  • Do you take too much responsibility for what you see or feel, which then confuses you?
  • Intuitively are you feeling if another is backing up your ideas?
  • Do you feel intuitively that you are getting enough space to voice your thoughts, feelings and observations?
  • Do you see people and organizations who and how they are in the here and now, or do you see their potential?
  • Are you constantly looking for depth?

Is this your challenge:

  • Are you able to protect your own boundaries, especially when in contact with others?
  • Are you struggling with a healthy balance between your strong and sensitive side?  

Did you look in the mirror reading this questions? Congratulation, you are in the right place. Strongsensitivity often seems to be primarily a burden. I will help you to make it a quality.

As far as I know I was the person who discovered and defined Strongsensitivity and ISIMOO is the only practice specialized in this subject.

You can e-mail me in English at After scheduling an appointment you will receive an invitation for online Therapy sessions. I use a safe and confidential Video call connection.

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